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Melanotan II (MT2) was first synthesized at the University of Arizona. Melanotan II is a drug originally developed as a skin tanning agent, but subsequently investigated as a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction. The loading phase is normally limited to about 7 to 10 days and in this time dosages of 0.5 to 1mg are injected subcutaneously daily. Near the end of this phase one or two tanning sessions are taken so that the tanning process can be kick started. It’s very important to expose all parts of the body to equal amounts of sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. This is to allow for a uniform tan and to limit chances of dark or lighter spots. Results are rapid and care should be taken not to overdo it as that will result in an abnormally dark appearance.

For the purpose of obtaining a darker and deeper tan, Melanotan II is one of the best products there is for this purpose. The downside is you still have to tan, which can come with a host of harmful skin effects if overdone. But it is effective and works well. As for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it seems promising in many ways, although data is somewhat limited as studies have slowed in recent years. If nothing else, it should provide a stronger and more pleasing sexual experience for the user.


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