Company profile

Company profile

Although Phenom Pharma itself is a relatively new player in the game of sport enhancement, our founders have a long history supplying successful athletes (top bodybuilding and strongman contenders) all over Europa with genuine quality products, from pharmaceuticals companies such as the likes of schering,organon and others. However mid 90s the policy of these companies started to change. To polish up their image they started to withdraw one by one all products connected to possible doping offenses in sports.

Our company was founded in 2005 as a response to the ever-increasing shortage of genuine pharmaceutical grade products in the whole of Europe. We believe that everybody should be allowed to pursue their own individual dreams and it is our mission to provide athletes with the highest quality products if they choose to enhance them self. It always was our goal to ensure good manufacturing methods, this is why we are delighted to announce that beginning may 2017 we have started a cooperation with a GMP certified toll manufacturer. A newly developed double filtration method for oil-based products using both ceramic and activated carbon filters ensures the purest oil base possible and therefore an easy and safe absorption by the human body. No infections nor pain associated with injecting oil based solutions anymore.

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Starting with raw material assurance, product manufacturing, sterilization and the final packaging of our products , the newly signed cooperation deal will provide our customers with legit pharmaceutical grade products hardly ever found on the market.

Other benefits of this cooperation are an increase of the production volume and cost effective manufacturing.

Thus allows us to concentrate on our strengths:

  • - adjustable and satisfying customer service
  • - developing efficient destribution routes
  • - competitive pricing

Further to protect again counterfeit products we have introduced as online protestion system which allows our customers to check the validity of each and every product seperate. Go and check: Security code